The introduction of FEZ Spider, the first .NET Gadgeteer compatible device

This looks pretty awesome!

How would one go about controlling a stepper motor from this? I didn’t see any module that looked like it was designed for such things… Did I miss something obvious (very, very possible) or is that still coming?

Here is the thread for suggesting new modules

Yeah! I had to order some more USBizi chips and touch screens today so we can build more controllers and I got the OK to order a Spider!

I’m actually not friendly with spiders, so the images and the name make my pores raise. I hope that you guys took into account that some ppl have arachnophobia when you were choosing the name; just my 2 cents.

It’s fracking awesome though.

And some people are afraid of snakes…

And Pandas are really nasty animals…

And… Rhinos have are dangerous…

hmm me loves rhinos. :> and spiders now.

I am scared of bstag’s bug avatar :-[ :smiley:

More press at [url]Shows | Microsoft Learn . Pete Brown (MSDN blogger) links to this writeup in his weekly Windows Client Developer Roundup at [url][/url] . Good to see this circulating through some of the regular MS blog channels.

A big smile on my face, thanks for sharing

I was using the search and came across this announcement. It’s amazing the progress in less than a year.

Congrats GHI!!

I think GHI is just warming up :wink:

A lot of live and hard work. Thank you

Love not live. Lol