The Great Network Shootout Part Tres

Okay, we are on part 3 of the Network Shootout – as well as third language denoting it, if you count English :wink: .

In this round of the Shootout, GHI will be contributing ThingSpeak results along-side @ DukeNukem as well as anyone else that would like to contribute results. We let a setup run over night and are pleased to release the results (See: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT). This was a one-off test and does not prove anything conclusively. However, I am doing the final editing of the projects for each host, and the channels listed below will be made public when the test actually commences.

If you wish to contribute to this part of the shootout, please ensure that each system will be going through [em]the same network path [/em]-- switches may be okay, but do add a possible problem point. Be sure to note network setup with the submission of results.

Each of the following setups will be running 4.3 firmware:

FEZ Raptor + ENC28: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
FEZ Raptor + WiFi RS21: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
G400D + J11D: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
FEZ Hydra + ENC28: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
FEZ Spider + ENC28: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
FEZ Spider + J11D: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
FEZ Spider + WiFi RS21: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT

And that is about all I have for desk space and may need to do this in two batches for power and space.

May the packet games begin!

The original shootout:


James I don’t think you marked the ThingSpeak channels as being public so we can’t see them until you do.

Brilliant. Part quattro is with Cobra II?

All of those boards have more than enough memory for anything to fail…

It would be great to start with the little guys the cerb family… if the cerb survives I’m sure the rest will do fine :slight_smile:


Imagine if you could find a way to run a webserver on a Cerb device. That would be epic!

Sure. Why not? Even across firewalls :wink:

This as well will be tested. I simply do not have that much space at my desk nor that many ports in my router :wink:

There was an issue with WAN->LAN connection yesterday (I think the Internet Port on the router is damaged) so I had to go this morning and grab a cross-over cable to link the switches. It will be open to the public shortly :slight_smile:

@ James - Due to an odd issue, Spider was behind out of the gate, but everything is working now.

Current Contenders:
Raptor + ENC28: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
Hydra + ENC28: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT
Spider + J11D: Channels - ThingSpeak IoT

To me it looks like they all died. Sad.

@ James - ok buddy, this is an exciting experiment, you need to keep us updated when you mess with the setup. I think your reset counter is not working…

@ njbuch - Currently I am only playing around with the boards. This is not an official ‘reload’ of the test. I also have not changed the setup, as well as I am using Duke Nukem’s code for the cerberus test, only changing interface construction. I will let you know when the test officially resumes :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m a little lost what is the point of this test?

To see how long each board goes until it dies. From previous tests, the results are pretty much:
[ul]Mountaineer: forever
Rest: not very long[/ul]

Before it dies? Define:dies

They’re sending updates over the network. They “die” when they stop sending out data.

Oh, so if it takes to long or stops = death.

Stops is death. You’ll need to track down the other threads (part one and part deux), but the network stacks on some of these boards are not entirely stable (and this is no cave).