The future of Gadgeteer

Hello, does it mean that the gadgeteer will not be maintained in future, because of Windows 10 Iot core release? Can anybody shed light on it please?

Far from it. I’m sure Pete will jump on when he has a chance, but @ Pete Brown, a longtime member of the GHI community, and a consummate geek at Microsoft, is working on getting the Gadgeteer code open-sourced [url][/url], so that more of us can contribute and help move it forward. The fact that Gadgeteer modules can now work on Raspberry Pi 2 with the FEZ Cream [url][/url] only expands the market for Gadgeteer and it’s idea of rapid hardware prototyping.

There’s certainly still work to be done, but I think the future of Gadgeteer is as bright as it’s ever been.


It sounds good…