The Divine Mr Architect

congrats Valentin !

Thank you Brett! :smiley:

Congrats fella

And I thought I spent too much time on this site :slight_smile:

Hats off!

Wow this guy is unstoppable. We look forward to seeing you cover all possible ranks :slight_smile: congrats


Apparently, they ran out of colors and have recycled black for your name :frowning:

I vote pink


Oh no! :wall:

:slight_smile: If it gets a response, it’s kinda gotta happen !

on the other hand Silence means consent too

Pink :smiley:

Add a +1 to Gus’ nomination if you agree. :wink:

As pink as pink panther!

I am changing my avatar and name

@ andre.marschalek - Sure.

Congrats man! Keep using those god-like NETMF powers for good and not evil!

Thanks again!

I am going to share with you all something over the weekend to keep you busy :wink:

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#$@ #$@ # I’m already too busy this weekend! Fine, I won’t sleep. :wink:

Wow, Architect is teasing now… you have been gustisized! :wink: Can’t wait to find out what you have for us.

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