The debugging experience with the Cerbot

I am not sure if its my machine or not… When I try to deploy and debug on the device - it takes forever for it to copy the assemblies over, then for the device to reboot and find the debugger. My laptop is USB2 so it’s not that slow.

For instance, incremental deployment of assemblies for a total size of 109664 bytes to the device takes 30 seconds.

Am I missing something simple?

People experienced issues like you are describing when old GHI drivers were used on newer systems. Search the forum it has been discussed. I’ll check if it is in my watch list.

VS2012 ?

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Here it is:

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Holy smokes. This is crazy fast. I’ve been doing .NETMF for a bunch of years and have never seen it this fast. It should be installed by default.

To be clear, the linked thread is long and the actual solution is here: