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The custom enclosure pictures are online and more updates


The Cobra page has been updated with new picture of the enclosure. We only have very few samples and they look terrific! There is a very little tweak that is needed for the 4.3" display but that will be fixed in production.

If you are one of the very few who have FEZ Cobra and want one of those cases, please call us with your credit card info. The case will be $25 + shipping.

Also, FEZ Cobra TFT display boards + displays are in stock already. The FEZ Cobra is off to production so we should have them in about 3 weeks. This means the availability date of August 1st is still good.


Looks great!

Do those slots in the side punch out, or are they already cut when you get the enclosure?


Those slots on the side of the 3.5" display are there to make it easier to get the 4.3" display in.

If you are using the 3.5" then they will be covered by your label that should go on top.
If you are using the 4.3" then you need to make little cuts (I used a sharp blade…just do not cut yourself!) to install the 4.3" display.

Keep in mind that if you are ordering hundreds of thee enclosures then we can customize them anyway you like.


Ok, cool.

It’s worth noting that I used an Exacto knife to cut my enclosure. You need to be very careful when you do this (DO NOT cut toward yourself! I learned this lesson twice!), but if you take your time, you will end up with a very nice, smooth cut.

Since I had to cut out the entire square for my LCD (you guys have it easy ;)), I used a bastard cut file to further shape the cut. This should not be required with the custom enclosures, as you will not need to cut nearly enough material.


Looks very nice. Except the fact that the image with the display attached shows a very bad cut line… :confused:


Any thought about a bezel for the displays?


Foekie, those are machine cut! I am not sure where you see the bad cut in the picture? Which picture are you looking at?

Mike, a bezel would be nice to have but we current;y do not have any plans


I think Fokie means the cut out for the 4.3" display.


yeah, its’ the one with the LCD in place that looks, well, less than pristine. Of the 4 images, it’s the first one on the left on the line below the main pic. You can clearly see “A302-33” and the touch screen connector on the image. There’s some strange looking cuts/bumps near the A302 label and on the top left of the image the cut goes too long.

(edit) I can’t remember whether this image was one of the original ones or not, so could well still be a non-machine cut one? I guess no matter what, the slower you go the better the result will be.


I meant this one:

You can clearly see bad cut lines in my opinion.
Look at the left - top corner. You can see that the cut was made too far. I believe this is no machine-cut piece.


It is machine cute and it is perfect but the first run of the enclosure had this error where the opening is slightly to the side which we are fixing on production boards.

Look here and you will see the board with perfect cuts


indeed, those cuts are good.
Might be an idea to remove the picture or take a new one? This is not quite professional looking? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not take it personally.


Maybe we will update the picture after we receive the production cases that fixes the openings for 4.3" display


I would recommend that. Since, if I can see it, other people might see it too. :slight_smile: would be a waste