The Building Blocks Of Life

Found some really interesting shop, now only if I could remember where it was … :whistle:


What a tease…

@ munderhill - Sorry Mr. Judge but I really can’t remember … there must be something wrong with my memory engrams …

Wow, at least three items there I don’t have ! And someone really should fix the IIS Host Headers so goes to the shop URL

You should count yourself lucky! I don’t have -any- “mircocontrollers”, whatever they are :slight_smile:

However, these do look awesome, and I have to say “Well done!”

I thought all these molecules are from unobtanium group. :wink:


@ mtylerjr - Thanks for the proof reading.

@ Architect - and yet they managed to escape from the LHC - they must have Higgs Boson in their DNA :smiley:

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@ Brett - IIS massaged

When will it be open for business Justin?

@ Dave McLaughlin - for a couple of products it is now, more will be added as i find time… will get you there now !

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They look real enough to me… Time to get coding … sleep is overrated anyway.

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Supergreat, and its shipped from the UK. So we dont have to multiply the price by 2! :hand: