The best thing about a snow day

The best thing about a snow day is having Henry, my English Bulldog sitting on the couch with me keeping the left side of my body warm…lol ;D


@ Gary, The left side of your body? How big is that dog?

TMI… :wink:

@ Mr. John Smith - His dog is so big…when he sits around the house, he really sits AROUND the house.


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And I thought you were going to say… “The best thing about a snow day is that lunch lasts all day long!” but then I remembered that would be just like any other day for Gary… :wink:

(sorry, inside joke :smiley: )

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@ Mr. John Smith - He’s only about 20 lbs but he doesn’t lay next to you, he leans against you and puts his head on your shoulder…lol

@ ianlee74 - There are just not enough lists to put your name on! 8)

Snow day?

I spent the day diving in the surf in Okains bay in New Zealand, digging out clams for dinner and filling a bag.

But the bag ripped on my way back to shore, and they all escaped, to go tell the other clams their weird alien abduction stories. :frowning:

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@ mtylerjr - You’re making me want to cry. I’m so tired of winter already. I need a beach full of clams waiting to be abducted… :’(

I took these last night and this morning… this is my son Mac (he turns 9 in 6 days)



@ mtylerjr - Need some contractor help for about a month? :wink:


Unfortunately, I’m looking for “real” work myself. I quit my silicon valley job in May to move here. I just have some contract stuff at the moment. I have an interview with a recruiter on Thursday.

This is just what I get to do to make up for not having full time work currently :slight_smile:

I miss winter, all that cold wet stuff every day!!

Yeah right… Waking up to 30+ deg C every day is way better. After 10 years out here I am not sure I could handle the cold winters anymore.

Mind you, the only downside to here is the days are all the same length and I do miss the long summer days the UK used to have.

Where are you? On the “west island”? Or in the middle east somewhere?

Jakarta, Indonesia. Close enough to the equator to be constant temperatures around here.

@ mtylerjr - I just want to say that I really appreciate you being a part of the community, however if I could “-1” your beach pictures, I might be tempted to do so. Here is a picture looking out of my office window, note the snow line! ;D

@ Dave McLaughlin - I’ve emailed you a few times, are you ignoring me or did the go into the email black hole.

2 things:

  1. DUDE!
  2. Who are you, and what have you done with @ Gary?
    (that picture is oriented correctly)

@ devhammer - lol…whatever, there is nothing wrong with my picture posting skills, who made you and the rest of the community experts! :whistle:

@ devhammer - Still living on the edge I see.