That is some real robotic power!

I am speachless!

Compressorhead Ace of Spades - YouTube!

I want this band for my birthday :slight_smile:


@ Architect - Amazing…and a little scary.

Awesome! They just need to have the little one take a swig of Jack Daniel’s after ever other verse.

Why scary? :smiley:

Someone should make a groupie robot out of a FEZ!

Ever heard of Skynet? :wink:

I work for cdyne. :slight_smile:

Machine Oil would be more appropriate :slight_smile:

Iron Maiden is back :slight_smile:

They never left! :wink:

I don’t know if i should laugh or be scared…very scared… :smiley:

Meet the band - “Compressorhead” !!!

@ Architect - That is Classic

The ultimate garage band. Freaking incredible, somebody had way to much spare time and a welder :slight_smile: