Thanks for the help! FEZ Mini industrial I/O is alive!

Thanks to the help of individuals on this board, and particularly Gus, I have succeeded in getting my FEZ industrial project working.

DIN rail mountable
5-30VDC power input
6 Relay outputs
8 5-30VDC opto isolated inputs
4 16 bit analog inputs (ADS1115 chip)

Expansion pins broken out for:
Analog out
CAN bus
TTL Com Port

It is currently attached to a piece of test equipment that reports light measurement data through the analog inputs, and turns on and off the source using the relays for each measurement. The MINI’s COM1 is used for PC-Mini communication. I will also try to use it as a replacement for our current PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) for industrial applications. It is cheaper, faster, and much more powerful than the units we are currently using.

I apologize for the image quality as it is dark in the control cabinet. I am sure I will have more problems to post in the future, but thanks for the support so far.

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Nice job! Looks neat.

[quote]Nice job! Looks neat.

Congrats, looks very neat indeed. :wink:

Very sweet; awesome job!

Nice, looking good!


I´m looking exactly for the same.

I can´t see the picture, i don´t know why.

Where can I buy something similar.??

thanks in advance.

We updated the website a year ago and due to an error we lost all old images.

@ tommyvdp -

Hello Tommy,

Can know about your project, i´m interested in the same.

thanks a lot.