I didn’t have time to make Friday…but Saturday is just as good ;D

So if you haven’t heard about LoRa then this will be about as boring as watching paint dry, but if your like @ terrance and @ Peter and smoking the IoT crack pipe then this might just be what you are looking for :clap:

So i fired up the oven and got a couple of modules twerking and talking 20 byte packets every 5 secs across the room with some nasty code without any drama.

I then decided to up the ante a little and grabbed the Surface, plugged in a MountaineerUSB board and a LoRa module with a space invaders antenna and jumped in the Scooby Doo and drove to the end of the road. Another module plugged into a Nano with a 2db gain rubber duckie was set to broadcast every 5secs from inside the house.

According to Google maps the modules were ~865.14m or 2,838.4 feet apart and comms didnt miss a beat ;D

I will take a drive tomorrow and see how far i get :whistle:


800meters?! :whistle: :open_mouth:

We really need a drool emote here. ;D

Is Scooby Doo a boat? :smiley:

I don’t know how you get anything done there. Looks like paradise.

Oh, the module looks nice, too. :wink:

With the planets aligned they are good for > 20km :slight_smile:

Scooby Doo is down under for Subaru

There sharks and jellyfish in the water, agressive killer spiders in the house, and excentric people everywhere. I’d rather stay in bad weather.

Btw, cool module there! Can it connect to ??

@ njbuch - I live in New Zealand not Arse tray lee ah

Yes it can connect to gateways :slight_smile:


@ Justin - The train is rolling! Is that a RN2903 I see there? :clap: walking back down to the mailbox…

I had a Dream last night. Justin had flown to Austin to attend one of our hardware meetup meetings. He brought 2 of his LoRa modules, but they were unpopulated with the goodie chips. So another guy and I got with it and started to solder the chips down. I was surprised at how large the boards were…about 6" x 8", oops i mean 15cm x 20cm. I ask Justin why they were so large and he said “Hey it’s a prototype”. I vaguely remember lots of beer being involved in the production. That’s about all I can remember.

@ terrence - well you better turn around and head back indoors as it’s a RN2483 - the RN2903’s are still out of stock everywhere.

Interestingly in New Zealand we should be using the same as you Northerners at 915MHz but the local LoRa network is running 868MHz!

So maybe you should just be a Maverick and drop down to 868MHz :wink:

The other odd thing i find about all these frequency palavas is that Mouser has 2,371 868MHZ modules in stock but only 191 915MHZ modules on order…seems a bit odd to me…

I can be bribed with beer :slight_smile:

At this time already…you must be really thursty…

@ .Peter. - Thirsty working living at the beach, besides…the sun as always up over yard arm somewhere on the world :wink:

@ Justin - Very disappointing.

Looks like MicroChip with have it first.

RN2903 availability

June 6. $14 US

June 15 $17 US

June 30 $14 US

@ Justin -

[quote]Interestingly in New Zealand we should be using the same as you Northerners at 915MHz but the local LoRa network is running 868MHz!
That is weird, you should ask them why. I guess we know why, there aren’t any 2903s to be had.

Yes, I guess I could buck the trend and spec. I am sure everyone will follow my lead…NOT.
My MultiTech Conduit is a 915 anyway.

And a few days ago they were saying 30th May…doesnt bode well :frowning:

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@ Justin - [quote]And a few days ago they were saying 30th May…doesn’t bode well Sad [/quote]

Really? I know what is happening. The Telco’s are fearing for their lives. They are seeing how fast LoRa is growing and know their LTE CAT-M1, CAT-M2 solutions are not ready yet. So they pay off MicroChip ($30 / $50 ? $100 per chip) to not deliver to market until they can get up their product to market. Europe is already to far gone with adoption free LoRa networks so no benefit in paying to slow the chips to the 433/868 market.

You read it her first. Terrence ‘IOT’ Investigative Reporting.

@ Justin - This is interesting.
900 available.

See “SMT32 Microcontrollers” section.

Edit: looks like that was 2014 posting.

@ Terrence - Also no FCC / CE etc…

You will just have to hold your breath for a few more weeks :smiley:

@ Justin - I tweeted Microchip and asked the WTF on the backlog of 2903’s. Nothing but silence.

@ Terrence - not surprised…

You might be onto something with your tin foil hat conspiracy theories…

@ Justin - [quote]You might be onto something with your tin foil hat conspiracy theories… [/quote]