Next you’ll be saying al uuuumm in im, working in inches and miles in hour…

It’s “miles per hour”… :wink:

Could be time @ Gus to open up that GHI module development center in Justin-land as it seems to be a pretty good fit, he’s got the modules and more coming all the time and you have the #1 Gadgeteer sales site on the internet, how can this not be a good idea? Unless someone else comes up with a better idea hhhhhhhmmmmm

What about a GHI office down under so we can work there when it is too cold in Michigan? Maybe Justin wants to leave the UK and go back there :wink:

Our original plan was always to go back home when the eldest finished primary school…
He just started his final year…
Office on the water front Gus? :smiley:

ahem, excuse me, “Down Under” from Gus and “Home” from Justin don’t match up. I’ll start the real estate scouting for locations in Sydney. Water front, probably not, but there’s plenty of places close to the water that you can get to the beach easily…

@ justin- noooooo you can’t leave blighty! This country would be worse off than it is if you left.
I say GHI should open a uk development and design bureau based in letchworth run by our favourite kiwi. Besides gadgeteer was born here and is the spiritual home of all things gadgeteer. It makes sense :wink:

Opens out into Georges Bay. The new GHI “wagon” could be


@ Brett - Y’know, if it had a section of the building that was zoned residential, that would be VERY tempting, moving costs notwithstanding. :slight_smile:

I am packing and heading to the airport

So you have the checkbook at home, you don’t have to go by the office to pick it up? Darn, I was hoping you’d pack up a few new toys for me - but then again I bet you have plenty of those at home too