Mr DHL arrived today with some goodies :slight_smile:

Forgot the gory details and video…

STM32F427 running 4.3 firmware…



Looks good!

Haha :smiley:

excellent work

What is it?

Gadgeteer mainboard

Like all the other stuff from you, this is also an excellent work!

Ok, why so secret?? Specs, availability, price?

@ njbuch - you can get it here:

when it becomes available.

That would be my guess. :wink:

Another nice one!

Glad to see you launching stuff again, BTW. So, we can look forward to new announcements every Monday now?

We need the website done so we can send people there, hurry up and hire couple people to fulfill orders :slight_smile:

Its just a hobby :slight_smile:

If only I didn’t have a day job…

We all know better. All these modules should go on sale you either need ot get the online catalog out or need to come work with us at GHI :wink:

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@ Gus - option 2 is easier :smiley:

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Oh ya that is a gotta have!!!

Taylorza just moved to the U.S. You next???

I only have 2 passports and neither is green…