TGIF - DFRobot Music Module

So nothing new from me at the moment due to life the universe and everything…

So since i have had a big box full of DFRobot modules i thought i better try some so here is a quick and dirty review of the DFRobot music module.

It uses a simple serial interface at 19,200 and you send it simple commands and away it goes, just add your tasteful music collection to the micro sdcard on the backside of the module.

music.WriteLine("\\:v 255"); // Volume at 255
 music.WriteLine("\\:n"); // Play the next file
 music.WriteLine("\\:u"); // Previous file

etc etc

It packs 3W per channel and hooked up to cheap and cheerful PC speakers it does a very good job in my (humble) opinion.

Edit - the speakers are NOT powered, the module is driving them.


Nice module!

That’s pretty impressive. Did df give you a spec sheet with the available commands to use?

@ Justin - thanks again, and no, I am not from Russia :wink:

The commands can be seen here: DFRduino_Player_module_.NET_Gadgeteer_Compatible___SKU_TOY0008_-DFRobot

I think a decent driver would be nice, but I assume that creating a serial port to the module would be easy. Can you share your code used on the video Justin…?

The driver is uber simple, i will start a dfrobot sdk since there isn’t one.


Someone started a collection of DFRobot drivers a while back. I don’t recall who it was and I’m not where I can easily search. I believe it was one of our Canadian friends.

Welcome back, BTW!

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The Duke has created lots of good stuff for that…

Good initiative!

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Demo needs more blinkies.

Hi Justin,
Great demo, thanks for sharing…
my only question is how would one be able to play a file that is NOT Stored on it’s own SD Card, say on a GHI SDCard Module…


@ Jay Jay - With a soldering iron, Flux, green wire and a bit of creativity would be the only way.

@ Justin - Did you have a look at uploading the driver to codeplex?

I finally got hold of this module to test it. It sure works fine, and can drive speakers pretty well, I am not sure where the heat goes when they are cranked to max volume and the draw is high?

Anyway, I am still experiencing ripple at lower volumes, this time the ripple frequency depends on the sampling frequency of the sound playing. What can explain that?

Did the driver source for this ever get posted?

No it didnt, I kind of started off and got a decent driver up and running, but the sound-quality of the module disappointed me, and I left it - SADLY ENOUGH

Furthermore, all the Gadgeteer tricks and magic in releasing the driver scared me a bit.

Are you interested in taking over? Its about 95%

I’ll give it a shot. I’ll PM you my email address.