Tgif 09 - tba

It’s Friday :slight_smile:

But hark - i am not quite ready!

So while i continue to blaze away with my coffee corrected tweezers constructing a visual masterpiece of Gadgeteer goodness i thought i would upload a nice Gadgeteer inspired video to keep you amused while you wait.

View it at 1080p - it’s quite hypnotic - make it full screen and put it on loop - before you know it a few hours will have pasted and i might have something new to show :slight_smile:

PS - You must admit it looks pretty good for a vid from a phone at 1080p


Oh my gosh shades of LSD flashbacks, the only thing that was missing was some dead head tunes, oh wait I’ve never done LSD, but I would guess that’s what a LSD flashback would look like, so be warned before you watch it.

I hope the heck I can edit this after the ‘real’ video goes up.

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Just like Facebook it will be online for ever… back to the tweezers…