TGIF 08 - 2 Channel Quadrature Counter

Thank Gadgeteer it’s Friday :smiley:

As the title say’s here is a Gadgeteer module with 2x LS7366 32bit Quadrature counters on a S socket.
Running at 40mhz you can count alot with this wee beastie.
I’m sure you can come up with some creative ideas to use these - personally i’m going to use them on my balance bot…
Chuck those steppers in the bin and use one of these to create accurate servo motors for CNC and choice robots :wink:

And before @ Duke asks…yes the driver is already written :smiley:

You can select 1x, 2x and 4x quadrature counting and have different counts on either channel.

Video shows a 200cpr optical encoder running in 4x mode

Usual deal - ping me an email if your interested… justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

Big thanks to @ WimC as i basically ripped his code off for the driver (with permission)


Good module!

Hahahahahahaha its the music! propper coffee slurt moment!
Awsome module man. Is that a brushless motor you are turning??

@ HughB - I thought it needed some amusing sound to spice it it :smiley:

Can’t you read fella - “shows a 200cpr optical encoder running in 4x mode”

@ andre.m - see - every one needs one of these in their kit :wink:

@ Architect - Thanks :slight_smile:

hahahah o yes. Its friday, ive been work tripping. Off to Dubai on monday :frowning:

@ HughB - geepers - life style of the rich and shameless - hope your getting the fly miles…

I do but there are 2 problems, cheapest flights mean sod all miles and you try spending Avios miles with BA on anything like a decent holiday etc.
They treat you like a fart at a royal wedding (smile sweetly and ignore it, it will soon go away).

Justin that is a GOTTA HAVE module and just what my Rover has been waiting for.

If only there was a website that these could be ordered from …


@ mhectorgato - ROFL

Note to self…send all shipments to Florida via UPS :whistle:

As long as they contain IgenuityMicro hardware, I’m fine with that :smiley:

BTW - nice selection of stills. Meatballs!

A serious question about the module …

What happens after you count 2,147,483,647 rotations? Does it reset to zero?

Another great job, Justin! Love the music. Is that an original composition or can we expect it to get yanked from YouTube soon? :wink:

Perfect song :slight_smile:

`Well, you and your encoder are really tired as 2 Billion is quite a large number…but yes it goes to zero and starts counting up again.
On that note if you are counting down when it gets to zero it goes to max and counts down…

My singing voice scares cats…so yes it could get yanked… :smiley:

What’s the price on this module?