TFT to VGA or USB Display convertor

Is there any way to connect the G120 etc to these displays

Why but user vga? It will be lower cost

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Even if you wrote a driver for it it would be very slow. You are much better using the native RGB peripheral on the G120 if you can.

using VGA or something like that.
Then you are free to buy a standard monitor or touch monitor. So cut down on the cabinet cost.

Something like this?

I’m not sure how similar the touchscreen USB output is to a standard mouse though.

That module is expensive.
I am thinking a bit different

There is VSYNC and H SYSNC
and the RGB signal.
You can make a R-2R resistor DAC or use a DAC chip for each color.

if GHI can help changing the SYNC to be usable for a monitor.

Then this can be done cheep.

We did this already a long time ago. You get 480x480 pixels. It loads the processor much to keep up with the update rate.

About the vga module, how many do you need?