TFT Question

is there someone who already got a Large TFT touchscreen Screen working with ChipWorkX? Is it possible without extra hardware ? and only the managed .NETMF library’s

Not sure what you mean by large… but there is a blog post about attaching the 7’’ GHI TFT to ChipWorkX…

i was thinking more like a 15 inch touchscreen

You can use 42" LCD until it do not reach video buffer limit(960000) for example:
800x600x2 = 960000
1000x480x2 = 960000

800x600 is the max resolution.

This is only 10’’ but you might find bigger ones at different vendors…

These displays are programmed via I2C, SPI, USB or Ethernet so they are independant from the device you use to communicate with.

So if i understand this i can simply control any screen through I2C, SPI etc. using the ChipWorkX board it doesn’t matter if the resolution is higher than 800X600?

If you use LCD which have own LCD controler on it(I2C, SerialPort, USB or something else) you can use any resolution you want.

it’s probably worth asking the follow on question: what features will you NOT be able to use with an SPI/I2C connected display. For instance I would expect that you could NOT use the native graphics / WPF capability.

Bitmap.Flush() wouldn’t be available; you’d have to flush yourself. Probably want to write a whole new core like for the Panda II’s LCD

thanx guys i got one more question. how about touch functionalitys. am i going to need to use extra hardware?

only if you’re using a capacitive (or other than resistive) touch panel.