TFT and Panda II

I have Panda II and TFT-Display (
Display is connected as follows:
Pin LCD - Pin No.(Panda II) - Pin name (Panda II)

DCLK - 33 - IO64
VSYNC - 31 - IO21
HSYNC - 29 - IO67
DEN - 27 - IO39
SCK - 25 - IO38
SDO - 23 - IO6
SDI - 21 - IO8

DB7 - 19 - IO10

DB0 - 5 - IO54

CSB - 3 - IO52

How to initialize the display?
How to withdraw point (line) or text?


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the panda does not have the necessary hardware and software/firmware to drive a TFT display.

Fez cobra is perfect for displays.

Doesn’t the panda support 8 bit serial RGB and SPI?
It is impossible to connect this display (3,5, 320x240) to it.

Did I correctly understood?

TFT is not possible.

Due to limited memory there is no graphics support in panda.
Could attach SPII display, but you would have to write driver and graphics routines

We have that we have. It not depends on me.

Is it possible to draw a point on the screen with mentioned above connection?

You can attach a LCD that has parallel interface, these LCDs have a built in controller. Alternate you can use a SPI based display. There are a couple of gadgeter SPI displays

You can attach them for a quick test using the breakout module

For parallel LCD see code sample

You may get better results with a SPI display.

I have never worked with the details of a TFT interface, but I would guess it would
not be possible because TFT usually special hardware support. I believe the
screen has to be constantly refreshed since it does not have a memory.

You should be able to find a fraphics display which interfaces via SPI or UART. They
make them with processors and memory, so they can easily interface with
a device like a panda.

If all have is a TFT display and a panda, then I think you have nothing. :slight_smile:

Controlling FEZ Touch is done through the ILI9325 LCD controller.
ILI9325 also has the RGB interface. In RGB interface mode, the display data is written into the GRAM through the control signals of ENABLE, VSYNC, HSYNC, DOTCLK and data bus DB[17:0].
The display operation via the RGB interface is synchronized with the VSYNC, HSYNC, and DOTCLK signals.

Is panda able to manage a display on ILI9325 via RGB interface?

“Note that FEZ Panda (based on USBizi chipset) doesn’t have high level graphics libraries like FEZ Cobra (based on EMX module) so you can’t load JPG and GIF directly but GHI provides graphical libraries to aid in drawing on this display.”

Panda can interface with the 9325 using parallel I/O. The 9325 will interface with the TFT using RGB / VSYNC / HSYNC etc.

If you are working on a commercial design, you could look at the G120 or the G120HDR that has RGB and enough memory for graphic applictions.