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TextFow formatting


Hi !!

I’m trying to produce a file, contained in resources, that can be added to a text run.
When I include a bog standard text file the formatting is wrong… I have searched the internet but there is no real help.

i.e… endofline isn’t “0x10” as it is in ascii, I can’t write a help file to display… Tabs and LF and CR are all printed as an unprintable characters. I’ve tried XML but I can’t use this as a textrun.


Cheers Ian


What are you trying to display this on?


Can you post a bit of code? I can’t really suggest anything till I see what you’re trying to to do in code.


If you look at the GHI demo on the information window…

The text is added as single textRuns.The textRun.add method also allows me to add a txt file from resources, but doesn’t allow basic text formatting

             // TextFlow component
            TextFlow textFlow = new TextFlow();
            TextRun  tr = new TextRun(Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.text),font,Color.White);
            textFlow.ScrollingStyle = ScrollingStyle.LineByLine;
            textFlow.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center;
            textFlow.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Top;
            textFlow.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Left;

This works but there is no formatting ie… no tabs, no end of line, no carriage return etc…
I want to know how to format the text… I’m creating a help page

Cheers Ian


From the docs it looks like there is a class you add between TextRun’s to demonstrate that there should be a new line, and one for a new paragraph. I don’t believe that many Windows controls render the tab character.

You may need to try creating a new object from TextEmbeddedClass that implements a leading space.


I am looking at the XML reader now… It might be an easier way to go.

Thanks anyway…

Cheers Ian