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Text to speech


any takers? (I mean designers)


Last time I checked I couldn’t find where to buy these chips.

Deja Vu


I’d certainly be a buyer and heck I’d even help with the driver since it seems I’m getting dipped into the driver waters pretty good right now.


I have it working and a working Gadgeteer adapter PCB. Must. Blog. About. It. One. Day.


Until you blog about it it doesn’t exist… Or you could just post a video here :wink:


Does it have an Aussie accent?


@ mhectorgato - lol


No it doesn’t speak Kangarooish. Wish it did, that would be cool. Maybe I’ll try to get it to speak a little bit of ocker. C’mon Justin, give me all the stereotype phrases so I can try them out.


@ Brett - i wonder if the northerners know what a ute is…
sheilas, maybe :smiley:


Justin can’t talk too much as he is a Kiwi, the only country in the world who have air force pilots that are scared of heights.

All I want is a Cylon voice so I can combine it with Justin’s Cylon LED.

Actually I was thinking about a project that used this type of chip so the timing couldn’t be better.


Pop a shrimp on the barbie
schooner of xxxx
gday mate
remember us over the ditch are posh mate, chur bro…


@ Duke Nukem - the nz air force is long gone…


No more A4’s screaming in just off the deck, too bad as they were memorable.


It’s been a few years since we had any F111’s either but I have to say I used to like seeing the NZ A4’s at NAS Nowra back in the day when I was flying gliders from there. Carrier landing simulations with the wires out was awesome. I assume that was about the time we sold them off to NZ.


I’ve heard:
Pop a shrimp on the barbie
gday mate (crocodile dundee)
crikey (steve irwin)

No idea:
schooner of xxxx
remember us over the ditch are posh mate, chur bro…


I remember being at the airshow in the first clip…and to think they modernised with with F16 avionics and now they are all bubbled wrapped and sitting in a hanger slowly wasting away…


@ mhectorgato - pretty good effort :wink:


Not all of em - one came back to HMAS Albatross to sit in the museum, back in it’s aussie livery though :wink:


@ Brett - At least it’s seeing the light of day, even with that funny marsupial on the side :smiley:


heheh great vidz chief! I would love to have seen those first hand. Im hoping to go to RIAT at Fairford this year, looks like a good lineup.