Tetris on LED Matrix

Played with Arduino and the new RGB-123 from KickStarter:


Love it but are you thinking what I am thinking? wire the leds toa gadgeteer socket but keep using the arduino ide :slight_smile:

I did use Gadgeteer socket to hook up Wii controller using my Chucky module. Need Mega version of Medusa.

You need one I and one S sockets right?

That is not S. Bitbanging with very tight timing, so the whole matrix is preallocated 16163 bytes - 768 bytes.

Cool. Were you blind by the end of the game?

Are they the LEDs with an integrated 2812 chip?

BTW - have you tried to read your blog on an iPhone?

Yes these are the 2812 LEDs.

What is wrong on iPhone?

@ ianlee74 Can you repeat your question? I can’t see it very well. :wink:
There is a way to adjust brightness.

(should have read the blog before asking the chip question)

Very cool project. I’ve been wanting to play with a panel like that. The Adafruit library makes it pretty easy.

Re your site - the first time I brought it up, it scrolled on the top and bottom. The next time, the entire scrolled as one page. perhaps its related to the loading animation and other image caching?

We have a driver on Codeshare that will drive these LEDs using SPI as well.

Not sure about iPhone. It is a standard Blogger based site, though.


Yep, also a Due version (which is 3.3V, by the way).

Yep, you got it