Terminal Box Project - First try with the Chipkit

Hi All,

I found back some lost photos of my first try to Box the Chipkit for a client project. It is very simple I know, but this box is now installed on several datacenters entries, to check Temp and Humidity of the rooms, and added to the box is a POE Spliter that provide the needed supply over Ethernet…

Just for fun !


Beauty in simplicity. Very nice!

Thanks Guy !

@ LouisCpro - Well done - good to see a finished design :slight_smile:

Cool case!

Thanks for sharing!

Nice clean design. I like it !


What material is the box made of ?

@ Rajesh - Looks like black opaque acrylic. You can see it on some of the images.

@ Rajesh -

It is in P.V.C. (Poly Vynil Chlorure) opaque Darkgray colored.

The advanage is to be very rigide, easy to cut straight, enable direct screw thead in the materiel (without need of nuts), and easy to assemble with ‘glue’…

Thank you for the information. Something to be filed for reference.

You’re welcome !