TempHumidSI70.TakeMeasurement => Error I2C clock signal on socket x is being held low

I am new to Gadgeteer. Just bought FEZ Raptor R1 Kit which containes a TemperatureHumidity module. This is signed with “Temperature & Humidity Sensor 1.1” “By Seeed Studio”.
In Visual Studio I added GHIElectronics.TempHumidSI70 to Program.gadgeteer.

In Program.cs I added:

which leads to ApplicationException: Software I2C: clock Signal on socket x is being Held low.
Where x is the number of socket, the sensor is connected to.

Where is the Problem?
Isn´t the sensor in the kit that TempHumiditySI70??
Do I Need Driver/dll from Seees Studio? And if, why can´t I find this?

Please help.

@ iXsystems - The TempHumidSI70 and Temperature & Humidty by Seeed are two different modules. To use the Seeed module, you can install the latest pre-release SDK which includes all discontinued drivers.

@ John - Thank you for your reply!

But I fear I Need an little more help!

I work with Visual Studio 2013, installed “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5.exe”, MicroFrameworkSDK.msi and GadgeteerCore.msi.

Where can I find "latest pre-release SDK " and can I install this additionally?

Thank you

@ iXsystems - It is listed under the latest pre-release on .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics

@ John - got it! And it seems to work…

Thank you!