Temperature modul of seeed / error: device not found

I use the temperature&humidity module of seeed and it requires Net MicroFramework 4.1. I actually have 4.2. I have read that 4.2 contain the drivers of seeed but however I get the error that the device is not found when I start my program.

Did you install the latest SDK from us following these steps? .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics

Which mainboard are you using?

Welcome to the community.

I actually use NETMF SDK 4.2 and installed the programs in the right order. The tutorial with display, button, camera etc. works. Now I try to connect the temperature sensor of seeed,

I connected the module to the FEZ Spider. Then I connected the USB-cable to the computer. If I create the connection automatically, I don’t get the connection to the right socket. When I’m doing this manually, I get the error as I mentioned “device not found” after iteration 59.

How do you add it manual? And why add it manually?

When I create a new project in visual studio, first I select the mainboard (FEZ Spider). Then I put the modules from the tool box. Through right mouse click I get the option to connect all modules automatically. Normally that works (e.g. in the tutorial) but in this case the connection is wrong. There is a connection to another socket. For example I have the cable in socket 4 but it shows me in 7. If I change the connection to the right socket, I get the error that I mentioned.

Very interesting! Can you provide a step by step for us so we can try it.

  1. Open visual studio 2010 (or 12?)
  2. Open a new Gadgeteer project
  3. … etc

1.) Connect module to mainboard (e.g. socket 4)
Then connect to pc via USB-cable.
2.) Open Visual Studio 2012
3.) Create new project
4.) Select Mainboard (FEZ Spider)
5.) drag and drop module temperature by seeed
6.) right mouse click connect all modules
→ connection is created to another socket (e.g. 7)
7.) delete this connection
8.) connect with mouse from module to mainboard (right socket, that means on my example socket 4)
9.) Write a short program (taken by https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/99/temperature-and-humidity-module)
// Event that fires when a measurement is ready
temperatureHumidity.MeasurementComplete += new TemperatureHumidity.MeasurementCompleteEventHandler(temperatureHumidity_MeasurementComplete);

// Start continuous measurements.


void temperatureHumidity_MeasurementComplete(TemperatureHumidity sender, double temperature, double relativeHumidity)
Debug.Print("Temperature: " + temperature + " Relative Humidity: " + relativeHumidity);
10.) save
11.) Start
12.) After iteration 59 → device not found

@ SB: When you click connect automatically in the designer, Visual Studio does not know where the modules are actually connected to the mainboard. You either have to connect the modules to the sockets that the design choose, or manually connect the modules in the designer.

As for the 59th iteration problem, go to the project properties, then the Micro Framework tab at the bottom. Change the transport to Serial, then change it back to USB. EMX_Gadgeteer should appear in the device box after you do so. It may take a few seconds, though. Save the project and then try to deploy again.

The issue is sold by setting the micro framework version from 4.2 to 4.1 and then to 4.3 and finally again to 4.2 (Project --> properties). It was a driver problem and now the device is connected and works.
Thank you all for your help and the useful information!