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Temperature E-Block with another Thermistor


Does anyone have experience using a different thermistor with the Temperature E-Block? I need to be able to measure temperatures up to 110C. The maximum limit for the thermistor supplied with the Temperature E-Block is 54C. Has anyone tried replacing the original thermistor with another one?

Since I’d like to understand the E-Block better, I’d like to look at the schematic. I’m new to the Fez but I understood it was all open source. Could someone point me to the schematics for the E-Blocks?

Thanks to all for any help.


You’d probably be changing the other resistor on the e-block, not the thermistor. Maybe. I don’t know a lot about thermistors, but 110C seems like a lot.

Maybe you should look into a thermocouple?


Glass bead thermometers can handle up to 300C. One important parameter is the resistance of the thermistor. Since I don’t know any specs for the one on the E-Block, I don’t know whether or not the resistor will work, nor do I know if simply changing it would be sufficient.

Hmm. Looks like what I really need is the schematic and parts list. But any experience anyone has had with other thermistors would be helpful also.

Thanks for the response!


There’s a formula out there to determine (some of) the specs for a thermistor, but I don’t know it, and I don’t remember what it’s called.

Other than that, the E-Block may have come from inexglobal, so they may have more information.


Remember at that kind of temperature, your bigger concern may well be your plastics etc. What is the application you’re looking at? Like @ godefroi suggests, thermocouple might be better (and at least you get yourself some distance :))


Thanks for the helpful replies!

Yes, there is a formula. But you have to know what model thermistor you’re dealing with to know which formula to use, as I understand it.

Noting about E-Blocks is mentioned on the Inexglobal site - and there is no search capability. Googling for info leads to TinyCLR/GHI.

Note that I’m only concerned with temperatures around boiling - nothing excessive here. Most plastics handle this just fine.

The application is a heated bed controller for a RepRap 3D Printer.


Is it the SCI-BOX Temperature Sensor, shown here:

If so, inexglobal may have information on it.


Here is the device I’m using:

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier.


No, that’s not the same at all. GHI would need to chime in here and provide information on the thermistor.