Temperature and humidity module


I’m still using Temp&Humidity Module (bought last year) for some old gadgeteer project.
Now it’s a deprecated module and it isn’t purchasable.
I saw in Catalog that there was an alternative to this module in development/preview phase.

Today I can’t find this “alternative module” on catalog.

It will be available for purchase shortly? It will be removed and there won’t be an alternative for Temp&Humidity module?


@ andre.m - we have a new one coming. Already designed and going into production.

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@ andre.m - not yet

@ andre.m - no really, its coming soon! :wink:

Thanks a lot to all!

One more question: the new module is coming soon with which time frame? Coming soon in a month or coming soon in 6 months?

its already been designed and tested, just awaiting the arrival of raw parts and I never estimate arrival of raw parts, I am inevitably wrong and @ andre.m will never let me forget it. 8)

Any uptade on the new temperature and humumidity module?

Soon (ref. https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=16814 ) or: