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Telit problem



I am trying to use a Telit GC864 module with the PPP classes, and am having an issue. I have used this in-house Telit board on another embedded project but on that we used the Easy Internet commands to get online.

The issue I have appears to be with the ATDT99**2# command. (I am using sample code from PPP documentation to test with PPP).

Basically the module never responds with a CONNECT. Or anything.

I can enter other commands (AT+SGACT=1,1,"","") to get an IP and connect a socket to a web server and get data (AT#SD…), but entering the ATDT*99 command just stops everything.

Strangely however it did work after I manually connected and disconnected a socket.

So… I know there are a few Telit users around… any ideas? Am I missing some commands before the ATDT99?



It was flow control… got it working.