Telcos kill LoRaWAN in USA

I need a place to post things associated with this topic. Please disregard these posts. I need a place to point others to when I can get a sympathetic ear in the industry.

From a prior post:

[quote]Really? I know what is happening. The Telco’s are fearing for their lives. They are seeing how fast LoRa is growing and know their LTE CAT-M1, CAT-M2 solutions are not ready yet. So they pay off MicroChip ($30 / $50 ? $100 per chip) to not deliver to market until they can get up their product to market. Europe is already to far gone with adoption free LoRa networks so no benefit in paying to slow the chips to the 433/868 market.

You read it her first. Terrence ‘IOT’ Investigative Reporting. [/quote]

AdaFruit’s LoRa Feather board came to market for a brief second and then ran out of stock. I ask them when they might estimate new stock. The said they have no idea.

[quote]On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 12:18 PM, Terrence Spencer <support@> wrote:
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contactname : Terrence
email address : terrence@
contact us 2 section : deliverystatus
message text : Any timeframe for getting new stock for the LoRa Feather?
I have already signed up for notification. Can you just give us an idea of
timing? I need to make a decision on vendor selection

[quote]Thanks for the note. We do not currently have an ETA for PID 3078.

Adafruit Support, Jessie Mae

AdaFruit to roll out 3G board. See photo.

868 fella :smiley:

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@ Terrence - i have just started email correspondence with our local LoRa network boffins in New Zealand particularly about frequencies and here is a link you will find interesting reading :wink:


@ Justin - Thanks, I’ll check it out.
edit: Interesting, looks like NZ is in a pickle.

Well there goes that theory…

These are now back in stock.

Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95 LoRa Radio- 868 or 915 MHz [RadioFruit] : ID 3078 : $34.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

In general, Adafruit has really shallow inventory relative to the volume they do. I used to be a distributor for Adafruit in Spain and I had to buy big quantities to compensate for the fact that things were rarely in stock. And if you can imagine many of the distributors doing the same thing (out of self-preservation) that just made the problem worse for the one-off buyer. “Out of stock” is the norm for most popular/new-release Adafruit stuff.

EDIT: And by the way, I brought most of my Adafruit, Sparkfun and Arduino stock back to the US with me. More than I will ever need, so I probably will have a fire sale at some point. Either that or I need to figure out something cool to do with 200,000 LEDs.

I’m sure @ devhammer can help you out here… :wink:


Well that explains a lot about their inventory issues. Good to know.

Imagine the disco ball you could build for when your friends come over and want to dance. ;D

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This LED fetishist can help with that.

Could make a REALLY big Gadgeteer star with that many blinkies… :smiley:

Obviously do to my incredible lobbying, influence and hot air, MicroChip has decided to release some RN2903s !!!
So I guess there was not secret plot to undermine the entire us govt via a shortage of IOT related chips :smiley:

Thanks for entertaining my bizaro idea.

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