@ Josh

Is that what I just saw in the forum?!

Reply through it?

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I only saw the title. When I clicked on it I got back “No such topic exists”. Now I don’t see it anywhere.

I also see the title architect check this out in my unread messages but when I click on it I get an error.

By the way. I think search is broken when searching for posts from a certain user. It only shows initiated threads, but not replies.

Now I see it again but it takes me to am empty inbox. So it will work for architect but I and others should not see the notification

I see the link to the “Inbox” in the menu! Great feature!

i still see them

Holding off till tomorrow.

Cool. Not sure if you saw my last PM.

Would be nice to have email notifications for PMs. Automatic or configurable on the profile page.

I see the PMs are working now. Thank you!

+1 for email notifications (if you haven’t already added it).

I’d love to see one more feature in this regard… It would be awesome if post mentions (i.e. “@ ianlee74”) could also appear in the inbox so they don’t get overlooked if we have to miss a few days of posts.

@ ianlee74 -

Check your Settings page :wink:

Nice! I got your email. Josh can mark that one done. On to mentions now… :wink: