Teaser for what is to come

Started working on a small Vector library today for the Game-O and thought I would throw together the start of a little Asteroids clone for a demo. No collision detection yet but that will come. Once it is done I will post the code on codeshare.

Happy holidays!


Impressive, as always! :clap:

Very exciting

Asteroids, that is flipping cool. I spent many hours (and quarters) playing the original arcade game (study procrastination in college) :dance:

Thanks, I am continually impressed with the performance of the Cerberus based devices, I think a lot of the performance is due to the fact that the memory is all on the chip.

In my initial tests I had 140 vectors being transformed (rotated, scaled and translated) per frame at a usable frame rate for a game. The video has a peak of 59 vectors (If I counted correctly)…