TE35 Screen flickers a lot with Glide

Hi All,

I am using TE35 screen with glide and the screen flickers a lot. (Buttons, Text, whatever is displayed on the screen flickers… )

Is there any way to stop this?


While USB specifications say ports should provide 500mA, we rarely see a port that can actually provide 500mA. We always recommend the use of powered hubs or a power pack instead of relying on the USB power. Use a powered hub from a known brand, not a cheap hub. If your device has the option of using a power pack (for example the USB Client DP Module) then you can use a power pack instead. 9V 1A is typically recommended but check the bottom of the circuit board for printed voltage range. All power connectors on GHI products are 2.1mm with positive on the inside and negative on the outer ring.

Not using a powered hub or power pack can cause:
[ul]Unexplained behavior
Device does not function
Device functions intermittently
Device functions but network fails
Device functions but SD card fails
Device functions but firmware update fails[/ul]
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I am using USB port power, but also tried using a cell phone charger with 5 Volt, 2 Amp rating, and the result is same. That is, no improvement; it still flickers.

I have some observations though.

Display seems to flicker more when:

  1. The text/graphics use darker color shades.
  2. When LCD is viewed from a certain angle.

Is there any way to reduce the flickering? The screen doesn’t flicker much if I display only text.


Are you sure you did not mix T35 and TE35 drivers?

Hi Gus,

I am using Glide. Does Glide require T35 or TE35 display drivers?


These are different products. What does it say on your display’s circuit board.

It says “Display TE35”.

@ Andre.m

I am using Glide with TE35 display connected to FEZ Hydra.

It doesn’t require to add any display module to the project if I use Glide.

All I have done is, connected the TE35 display to FEZ Hydra and added Glide DLL to the project.

Do I still need to add TE35 display driver if I use Glide?

P.S. I am digging deep into the Glide code to understand its working.


Youhave to add the display driver even if you use glide, if not, you must set the LCD config yourself.

@ mazmoiz - does the screen backlight flicker, or the image itself flickers?

If it’s the image, does it flicker in its entirety or some regions do (like high contrast/border areas or solid color filled objects etc), whlie others do not?