TE35 display - additional dimensions needed


This is aimed at GHI as they are the ones with the information.

In your drawing of the TE35 display there is no details of the area required for the display opening. On LCD drawings, this is normally shown as the Viewing Area (VA) and Active Area (AA).

Without knowing which LCD module you actually use, I can’t simply guess from other similar displays. Made this very small mistake with the 4.3 display I have. :slight_smile:

Can you please update the drawing of the LCD to show this veiwing area. Same with the 4.3" LCD.

I need this to work out the exact area for the panel cutout.


Ah ha. I think I may have found the information I need after looking at the images of the TE35 display :slight_smile:


Would still be nice if you could included these on your drawing though. :slight_smile: