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TCP/IP Deployment


I’m starting a new Project with FEZ Cobra II Net. The final product should connect to a PC as an USB HID device. That’s why I want to use the Ethernet Interface for deployment and Debugging. In VS2010 a TCP/IP Transport Option is present. What I have to do to use this Transport? Is there a specific Firmware? Or must this feature enabled through FEZConfig?

Thanks for your help!


As far as I remember, TCP debugging was dropped in GHI 4.2 libraries. It was only present in 4.1 (and working pretty badly).


That sounds not promising. A couple of years ago a colleague has used the USBizi board for a similar Project. AFAIK the TCP Debugging was never a problem.

So, what are the Options for implementing an USB HID device with FEZ CobraII? This is still supported I assume?

Thanks, Egmont


@ EWoi - I believe serial debugging is still working.


So I probably need a Serial to USB-Serial module to go on?


Yep, or any other FTDI/Cypress based tool.


GHI only supports deploy/debug via USB or Serial.
COM1 is the debug port by Default. Not sure if this is changeable.