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@ mcalsyn - This is something we would like to support, but don’t really have a timeline for. Among other issues and changes, the biggest issue we found when we looked into it was Gadgeteer. The designer requires an image and hardware definition file to be pointed at by a registry entry, along with the assemblies themselves. We weren’t able to quickly find a way to reliably make that work with nuget or an extension.

Hmmmm - I would think that’s a solvable problem, but I don’t know the designer source. I would think that the designer could come in as an extension (resharper, etc does now, and it has far deeper hooks into VS) and additional assys could come in via nuget, but I am saying that with only a very high-level view of the problem, so I can accept that there may be issues that I don’t fully appreciate. Anyway, if possible, it would sure make life a lot easier on the consumption side of the equation.

@ mcalsyn - Unfortunately only Microsoft has access to the designer source. It is a change they would have to implement. Perhaps by scanning the packages or assemblies in the project, though nuget may get too far away from the drag and drop ease of use. It’s something we will re-evaluate from time to time to see if the situation has changed.

Hopefully we will see Designer on Github at some point.

Interesting - I did not know that the designer code was still so closely held. I was right down the hall from the Gadgeteer folks in Cambridge when that work was being done. I wonder if the same folks are still taking care of the designer code or if it got handed off internally? Anyway, I just (wrongly) assumed that the designer source was part of what they licensed out to you as part of Gadgeteer, so yes, I now see why repackaging would be so hard.

Microsoft and others are moving away from Nuget for .Net - not sure why and what the alternative is… :whistle:

I had not heard that - why do you say MS is moving away from nuget? (Certainly the community is still growing and key asp.net components are still distributed via nuget).

Not sure I am completely updated but they seem to be focusing on how “the mac guys” are working with gulp/grunt/bower/npm on the client-side and I cant find anything on the back-end stuff.


Aha - now I get it - they are not deprecating or walking away from nuget, they are just acknowledging that there are deep libraries of stuff in the other more web-oriented package managers and are supporting those package managers so that you can import those libs too. That makes more sense than waiting for those folks to embrace nuget.

It’s more a matter of embracing many package managers at the client so that you have a wide choice of places to import from. I don’t read that as walking away from nuget in any way, and it is not an argument for publishing Micro Framework stuff in npm for example. Xamarin, for instance, has fully embraced nuget in Xarmin studio for their own distribution of cross-platform C# stuff, but you would still use npm to find JS toolkits.

I think you are right, and its going to make a mess!

That’s definitely not true. They’re moving more and more things into Nuget, not away from. The other tools you list have specific uses, they’re companions to Nuget, not competitors.


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