Task Tracker - no plagiarism! Keep Orginal Content Owners intact!

I just posted no plagiarism! Keep Orginal Content Owners intact! on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Sorry about the lack of credit. When we implemented the new system, we tried to move content (where appropriate and worthwhile) quickly and systematically. I am designing a new standard header for example code, I will add your suggestion to that standard header and/or put attributions into the Introduction of White-papers/Community-examples. We have already started linking to Forum threads when text/code comes from exemplary discussions.

That is actually interesting question.

The whole tinyclr wiki content is under

The license terms include this:


So since the people who added content to the wiki (myself included) did not specify the way to be attributed, is this really a plagiarism?

I removed your other entry as it was a duplicate and this one has received more replies.

If the work was previously attributed, I think it would need to be attributed similarly in the new location.

This was not my favorite option but we were deleting the wiki and we hated to lose the old contact and there is no way for me to post something under codeshare with another user’s name. If this is a concern to anyone, please point out the content you own and we can update with your name or we will happily delete it.

Again, this was intended to keep the great work everyone did, not to steal anyone’s work.

@ godefroi - which post you created and you like us to update?

I didn’t, I don’t believe. Before you permanently lose the authorship information, however, I would guess you would want to ensure that you weren’t opening yourself to legal action. Better safe than sorry.

I didn’t consider it “stealing” - but losing authorship means that I can’t use it as a reference in future (and hopefully never happening) job interview :wink:


I think I may have worded things a bit wrong and seemed as if I was attacking GHI, by all means this is not the case guys, so please don’t spin this the wrong way…

all I was saying it is nice to clean up the docs but it’s nicer to keep the original intact… because I went back to my own code to get something I remember doing so the WIKI was faster for me to find that resource then searching my Computer… as you can imagine the public repository sometime becomes your go to for info even if it’s your own content… but unfortunately the newly created entry didn’t have the complete code I wrote about but only a subset which is ok to get someone started but I would have liked it better if I could have the option to still navigate to the original article…

I’m raising this because I am part of this community/family and I’d hate to see someone one day come storming here spinning this into his/her own dirty agenda…

remember the only satisfaction we get from helping each other is that thank you reply :slight_smile:

once again I’m Sorry if I sounded coming off shooting, but that is not the intention of this Thread but merely to get your attention and help you and us avoid a major future problem… because GHI could easily pull the plug on the WIKI all together and no one can say a word about it … and that is what we are trying to avoid…

thank you for listening with an open mind and heart and continuing to improve the site, product and all.


@ Jay Jay - I think there is misunderstanding on both ends. I am sorry about that. If you or anyone would like anything changed or deleted then please let us know. This community does not mean much if it wasn’t for all the great contributions you all did. Hopefully this confusion will not be a problem in the future as we are not planning on making any major changes anymore. Please do not plan on the wiki being there and move anything you may have to codeshare.

I’m not attacking GHI or anyone else either. The last thing any of us would want to see happen is someone come back and sue GHI. As for my contributions, I think I only have one, and I’m happy to relicense it, transfer ownership, or place it in the public domain, whatever is most convenient.

Thank you for caring everyone.

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Why was wiki deleted in the first place? I wanted to write a few articles for it, and now I can’t…