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I just posted Mobile forum on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


How do you vote?

You are not able to click on the number? Maybe the issue needs to be opened before voting is allowed. I will check tomorrow.

I didn’t notice the link from the tracker back to this forum — Nice touch!

Mobile forum was updated.

Status went from Proposed to Open.
Priority went from Unassigned to Trivial.

Voting works now!

Mobile forum was updated.

Status went from Open to Closed.
[line]Feel free to provide feedback here.

Is there a separate URL? It doesn’t seem to be auto navigating to the mobile version from my WP8 phone.

It it’s not automatic. There is a link on the left menu to enable it.

We need a link somewhere in the mobile forum to take us to the home page. Like how do I go to other areas on the website now? It is very hard.

Ah, OK. Looks like a good start. It needs the +1, quote, etc. buttons that we can currently do with each reply.

Agree and I miss the reply button on the bottom.

All buttons for messages are there now and finger-friendly.

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Great! Thanks!

(This post made easily on my Windows Phone.)