Task Tracker - Make a "Mark as Spam" button

I just posted Make a “Mark as Spam” button on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

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Does seem to be a flurry of kitchen spam lately…

Funny… This task gets a Major status, although the kitchen spam is not that overflooding as spam usually is…On the other hand, a truly needed forum seach improvement hangs as “Open trivial” for months… Will it last for a year? Anyone taking bets?

I think your proposal is unclear, have you checked https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/search-tips


Maybe :whistle:

Obviously, you haven’t tried to search anything…

The main problem (as often reported) is that you get too many hits.
The results should (at least optionally) be grouped by topic.
And shortly I tried to search for “+RLP +CAN”, where I got everything RLP related. Searching for “CAN” only has not a single hit. I think it’s because you need a minimum number of letters per word, but then, why does RLP work?

Hmm, I am not saying that I think search is awsome, but I am saying that its much better than no search at all. And that if I am using the right syntax, I most often have luck in finding the post that I need.

@ Simon from Vilnius - I still think that you should be more specific, in case you have any ideas for improvement. And furthermore give Josh some very specific examples where it does not work well, then he has a chance to improve.

To find out his specifics just do a search “user:8381 search”. Search isn’t perfect, it does need a little more but it’s still useful. We will address it.

As for spam we’ve been trying a few things. The spam we get is from humans not bots. In an attempt to make it harder for them we changed the generic questions on register with more electronic specific to try and make it harder. They however have taken the time to figure them out. That is why will will also be implementing the flag as spam to have multiple approaches. This will be available real soon.

Ok, rest my case. 1-0 to Simon - my brain let me down again.

Without high jacking this thread, I’d like to add to the search issue.

I was searching for G400D and ETHERNET and all I got was heaps of G400D stuff. It would be nice to be able to search for both term as + and only return those results with both but this never happens.

Do a search for “+g400d +ethernet” will only return messages containing both words (70 messages). A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in each result.

Thanks Josh. :clap:

Make a “Mark as Spam” button was updated.

Status went from Open to Closed.
[line]You can now mark posts as spam by clicking the universal no symbol (circle with a slash through it) next to each post. You must be a Senior or higher to use the feature. You will be rewarded with 10 points for doing so. You can only mark a post once and it cannot be undone. Nor can you mark your own or GHI employee posts. Once a post has been marked three times by three different people, the author will be deleted along with all their activity.

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@ Josh - Can I use the spam feature to silence active members who say things that I don’t like? ;D

I don’t see the universal no symbol on Adre’s post?

You don’t see this?

Is there a limit on level of the author? I think it should be limited to a Newbie. Usually that is the level of the spammers.

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Control-F5 made it show up for me.

Also, it seems that this sort of power is rife with potential for abuse?

Posts by users ranked Minor or higher cannot be marked as spam. Good recommendation!