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I just posted Improve the search of teh Forum on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Improve the search of teh Forum was updated.

Status went from Proposed to Open.
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[line]Have you read and used the tips here?

Grouping results by threads is still a very needed feature.

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Just to be clear, you want the ability to order results by topic?

It would be better to have only one result per Topic.
The result could then have a link list with all entries with a match.
This would shorten the result list a lot

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What I meant is true grouping: search should return a list or topics, something like “5 posts in topic A, 10 posts in topic B and 1 post in topic C”. This way I could get a very quick overview of all the topics my search phrase has been found in. Then, I could expand the posts within the specific topic that got my attention.

Just the non-repeating list of topics would also work fine for me. Topics in this forum are usually short, just a few pages; it’s not a problem to read it all looking for information.

But if you just sort resulting posts by topic, I’ll still be happy :slight_smile: This option is probably the easiest one to implement.

I’m adding a pet peeve to this thread in the hope it will be seen by @ Josh

When I do a search for +Cobra +power (not necessarily those specific phrases, but two words with plusses) the search box on the results page gets changed so the plusses are now spaces. If I don’t notice, and add a +third search term, I get a lot more results rather than fewer. Please make it so the search box correctly gets the search term I used, plusses and all.

Brett’s suggestion would be taken care of if the default query operator were AND instead of OR.

Having your default query operator as OR in the beginning makes your search results look good (because there’s a lot of results) but once you get a solid amount of searchable material, it makes it tedious to get relevant results.

Also, since Google, Bing, and other major web search engines use AND as the default, you’re going against people’s built-in instincts.


plus one on the default AND !

Wholeheartedly agree on default AND behavior.

It would also be nice if we could search for an “exact phrase” like Google.

We will make AND default.

@ Iggmoe - You can search for an exact phrase by using quotes.


If no modifiers are added to forum searches it will now automatically add a plus sign before each word so results will by default include all words.

Are you not using Lucene/Solr for the search?


Hm. If you were, it’d be a one-line change.

Improve the search of teh Forum was updated.

Status went from Open to Closed.
[line]Searches now default to group by topic which you can undo (if you desire).

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Finally!!! Wasn’t that hard, was it? :wink:

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Really helpful.
“RLP” goes down from 151 to 46 Pages.