Task Tracker - All boards should support USB Host

I just posted All boards should support USB Host on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

Probably easier said than done. :wink:

But I must admit… it would be nice to have USB host on the Cerb family.

All boards should support USB Host was updated.

Status went from Proposed to Closed.

Isn’t supporting USB host just about decoding and encoding in native code the USB data frames? So If someone wanted to support it, could they write it in C# and someone else port it to the Native libraries? (I ask because hey, perhaps I’ll write something, but I don’t know how to modify the underlying native code, or compile it for that matter)

It’s already written, provided by ST. It’s just a matter of writing the glue code to hook into NETMF’s implementation.

We now have added usb host to cerb boards, coming to the next sdk in few days.


Wow, now that’s welcome news. :slight_smile: Thanks GUS

Fantastic news! :clap:

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