Talk like a prirate day - Saturday

Arrrrrrrrr look lively lads as its soon be the day me wench loves, as its talk like a pirate day tomorrow so all you scabrous dogs best hoist anchor and make sail and perhaps down some grog in salute of the day and if ye be wanting to make a clock, then be it so but be sure its a pirate clock or ye’ll be telling the time to Davy Jones.


@ Duke Nukem - Thanks for the reminder matey!

My Pilates class is crap. There’s no sword fighting & I get odd looks when I put on my eye patch.

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Arrr! Tomorrow be a good day for wenchin’! Raise the sails!

1337 w@ r3z dud3! ! t0t@ lly cr@ cked th3 n3w @ ss@ s1n’s cr33d G@ M3!


Wrong kind of pirate?


@ mtylerjr - Yea not that pirate :slight_smile:

Ont-ils dit que vous aviez t 'être un pirate anglais?