Taking pictures in darkness - illuminating with LED?

Hi there

I want to take pictures in the night of small animals moving around. I am expecting the GHI motion-sensor to be able to see the monsters, and hopefully without too much delay, be able to take a picture.

But in pitch-dark, I want to light up the picture with something.

I have bought a couple of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/301114552519

And I am expecting that the GPIO can be connected directly to the S pin on the High Power LED and just be on for a few seconds.

Any experiences from your side?

PS: Will send a few pics when I manage to get it working…

@ andre.m - hi, good to see you back. I think there is a trAnsistor on the module… Will check.

The load module is perfect for such jobs by the way.

Although it will only be turned on for a few seconds, I would mount (at least a small) heatsink on the pcb. Ideally you mount it directly to the star pcb.
Just in case that something is wrong, program hangs up, etc. And LED is turned on a while :frowning:

This transistor, together with some resistors is built into the module. The load-module should not be needed… http://www.hz-dz.net/UploadFiles/2009527101530473.pdf

It will be interesting to see if the motion sensor will be sensitive enough to catch the little monsters. would love to see some pics of your setup once it ready :slight_smile: