Taking 3d printing to the next level

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I saw a show on the Discovery channel where they printed heart valves.

Great… Now I’ll get spam for “extension” pills AND printers… :frowning:

@ taylorza - OK, I was thinking this was pretty cool, until the part about face printing at which point we went rapidly from cool to utterly creepy.

While I’m not a huge fan of some aspects of getting older, neither have I any interest in perpetually looking like a teenager. Of course, the notion of scanning one’s teenage face begs the question…does the printer replicate acne? :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - I have to agree, that aspect sounded less appealing. Another tool for the narcissist :slight_smile:

It will go down well in Indonesia with the woman here. They spend thousands every year on all sorts of wonder cosmetics to keep them looking young. Trouble is, it makes them look like scary ghosts as most of it contains whitening creams.

Better to just grow old and accept it. :slight_smile:

Next they’re going to say we can connect our brains to a PC then 3d print ourselves…20 years younger…:expressionless: