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TableTop competition robot


While back i posted some shot of what i had started as my tabletop robot. Today I am posting updated pics. This includes a custom fez panda shield with 2 L293d on it and a bunch of hook up spots for servos and sensors. It is 4WD robot with independent control of each wheel. It has a gripper for grabbing blocks. Pan and tilt on top for sonic and IR sensors. Four edge sensors so it does not fall off the table. Each wheel has its own encoder for distance determination. I also hope to have a gyro on it before competition time so i can tell if a single or more wheels has fallen off th edge of the table. It main goal is to be able to compete in the DPRG competition next month and in robogames next year.


Top part with pan and tilt mounted.


Current side view.


Wow. Nice clean construction. Looks very solid.
Would love to see it move. When you get it driving around please share video.


Nice! You might want to add some more support to the gripper, it seems to be hanging down?


What are you using to power it?


Foekie, Yeah the gripper needs some stability before i tore it down for final build it would drag when it picked up blocks. I and gonna move what its on back further into the device or replace it all together. I hope to finish the rewiring this week then i can show a video of it completing the first to stages of the event.

Chris the motors have a power pack inside the chasis which maybe chganged to a 7.4 volt lipoly. the panda will be powered off a 7.4 volt lipoly 1300mah.


Very nice bot. Creaps me out a bit. Makes me think of a pinching bug.

Nice pan and tilt. Yeah… I should look into that.