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Table top robot and video of my setup


So this video has my tabletop robot in it and some others i am working on. Some up and close shots of the robot are included here. It should be in this next years robogames and is going to be made to follow the rules at the link.


Side View


…That makes 5 FEZ robots on the site now! I wonder why all of the sudden everyone is doing them…


This is the same one as my project entry just figured i would show it as life has given me more time to work on it.


You mean the 4WD bot?

BTW: Might I recommend some double stick tape for that breadboard ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet setup and my favorite is “I have this _____ and I haven’t picked it up since I got FEZ” :slight_smile:


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Yes Chris this is 4WD bot. Did not use double sided tape which is even attached to bread board cause i am gonna remove it once wiring is all tested and add permanent proto shield i am gonna make.

Thanks for all your comments so far.


What’s all that wiring going to, anyway? some it it is obviously the motor drivers, but there is a LOT of it there.


Maybe this is the hbridge hardware?
There are 4 motors, so it could be. Along with some other stuff this can be a lot of cabling :smiley:


That’s another reason why I went with the RC car. Very, very little wiring. He also has encoders, so some of the wiring might be for that, too.


So i have a i2c i/o Chip that controls direction on the motor controllers. I took 2 i/O and made 8. Those goto the 2 l293d that have 4 speed pins. So that 6 to the board. 4 pwm and 2 for the I2c. I also have 4 Encoders those run to the analog inputs/interrupts on one side. For a Total of 10 i/O Ports. I need 4 more I/o for IR recivers. 2 more pwm for servo control for pan and tilt. 2 regular digital to act like pwm for arm grabbing. 2-4 more for Edge sensers. So that would 20-22 I/O with out Gyros and so on which i hope will be I2C so they all use the same 2 wires as the motor control.

So what is already wired is 10 i/O on the board with 10 more coming at least.


:o Are you sure you can fit all of that on such a small bot? That’s another reason why I got the RC car. There is 1^2ft + the lower chassis for stuff to be mounted.


Yeah i have fit most of that on a boe bot before which is about half the size.


The more challenging the more fun it can be.


Exactly Gus. This covers most basic things with a fez based robot when its done. In the long run the most of the electronics will be on a custom shield that sits on top of the domino. The pan and tilt and arm the chassis was designed for once the bread board can be removed they can be easily mounted. Which will be after i get the xbee and wii motion plus done. Then i can package up the main shield for this.

Also remember this is going on top of a table. 8 feet in length 4 feet wide max. Something that travels at 30 mph isn’t exactly right. Also something that is very heavy is more likely to self destruct on failure when it falls off said table.


Oh, I’m not bashing you are anything, I think your robot is really neat! I was just pointing out why I went with my mobility platform instead of a more DIY solution :smiley:


It looks so ready for the road to me. There are too many wires, I agree that you will get much more control over all the devices, but imagine when a wire got loose, it take time to troubleshoot.

Pro RC is nice and clean, but only you can work out the black-box issue like our master Chris then it is definitely beautiful thing to have. I made the right decision when choosing same RC as Chris :slight_smile: otherwise I am going to run into lots of issue getting that ESC to work right as I don’t have that deep electrical background. - So Thanks Chris!

Thanks for sharing.


Yeah whats on top is prototype breadboard. In the long run it will be a custom shield that sits on top of the domino. I prefer to prototype my design on a non permanent surface before i spend the time building a shield. I have to make sure i plan out all the sensors(edge, IR receivers and distance) the grabbing arm the pan and tilt sensor servos motors gyros and acceleration sensors. Where they connect becomes important so planning out the shield on a breadboard is almost a have to. I explain that a little in the video as i show you what all those things will be on when it ready to be permanent as this competition will be the only thing the robot is built for.

The competition itself involes being on a table. starting at one end and going to the other as fast as possible without falling off then going back to start. That requires edge sensors.

Then finding a 2 inch block and push it off the table. That requires IR sensors as i am going to use a custom block the is a IR beacon to tell the difference between each type of block as they can be randomly place on the table. Which i will pick up with a gripper controlled by a servo.

Then i have to find a second block and drop it in box at a predictive place on the edge of table. the only thing i could really drop is using only 2 motors going to 2 wheels and a caster.

I choose the 4wd as each motor being separate so i could recover from failure scenarios as in a wheel goes off the edge of the table. I have the wheel encoders for the same reason so i have a clue about how far i have really traveled and in which direction so i can guess at where the edge of the table is and slow down before hand.

All in all it should be a well rounded table top competition robot that will hopefully win the gold at robogames. Which is the Olympics for robots.