T35 WPFWindow.TouchDown usage starts with a white screen until first Touch

I use the T35 to display a Menu. To detect wich item is selected i declare a touchUp event

T35.WPFWindow.TouchUp += new Microsoft.SPOT.Input.TouchEventHandler(WPFWindow_TouchUp);

The order of my code is for example :

T35.SimpleGraphics.AutoRedraw = true;
 T35.SimpleGraphics.DisplayText("Spider Ready ...", NinaB, Yellow, 0, 0);
 T35.WPFWindow.TouchUp += new Microsoft.SPOT.Input.TouchEventHandler(WPFWindow_TouchUp)

(MainMenu() simply displays 9 lines with the SimpleGraphics.DisplayTextInRectangle command.

When I restart my Code \ Reset the board, The Spider Ready text is displayed, Then i see my Menu getting displayed for a millisec and then the screen turns white.
Untill i touch the screen, : then the menu is visible (without new command to display the menu).

So it seems that declaring the touchevent, somehow clears the wpf window untill you touch the screen once…

any ideas ?

I think you can’t mix WPF with simple graphics.

I would use simple graphics only or glide.

I dont use Glide (YET). must dive into that soon, but would be satisfied with Simple graphics, And it DOES all work fine. Even the touchscreen works OK. its only when the program starts, that i get a white screen. I can live with this by writing some kind of Welcome text onto that, and then when a user TOUCHES it, it goes to my regular program…
I just thought there would be a way to not have this Startup screen WAIT for a first touch…

The problem seems to be in declaring the WPF Window.Touchup…
is there another way of getting touches to be registered…?

Thanks for the reply thoug…


It may be because you are mixing wpf and simple graphcis. Try doing the same thing but in wpf only (or glide). You should find that you dont get the white screen.