T35 appears to lag system

@ robbiecat07 - It is great that you confirmed that!

I am no UI guy, I have never used any of the UI libraries, but maybe Glide or Tinkr from @ skewworks works better. Maybe someone with experience with these libraries will chime in.

WPF delays are the reason Clix, Glide and Tinkr were created. :slight_smile:

Any of them will help you. Glide is free and open source and a great place to start. Clix and Tinkr are good ideas if you find yourself needing more controls or the ability to run multiple apps from SD

Clix appears to be the ticket, Thanks for your feedback, I deal with industrial HMI’s a lot and these systems are very impressive for the price. The not realtime part will take time to master but think it will be real fun