T socket is lost on raptor

Unfortunately I have lost my T socket (14) on raptor which was connected to T43 display.
Can I connect my T socket on T43 to any other socket on raptor?

@ Ehsan Ansari - Can you be more specific on how you “lost” your socket?

@ Gary - :-[
Just a physical hit…!
The socket has been separated from board… :frowning:

@ Ehsan Ansari - Sadly no, only the T socket, number 14, supports touch.

@ Ehsan Ansari - Try to retouch it with soldering iron. Or heat gun.

Did you break it irreversibly or did the socket separated due to bad soldering? I had a few issues with it (bad soldering, that is). Maybe it is still possible to fix it?..

I think it is separated reversibly due to week soldering…
both separated and board seem to be healthy!

Well, then it is fixable. But it is no longer an accident. I guess, it’s time for GHI engineers to check their reflow profiles?..

@ Ehsan Ansari - If you want the RMA as @ andre.m mentioned let us know and we can also contact the distributor you purchased it from.

Thanks everybody…
I guess my fault was bolder than problem of soldering
I appreciate your concern…
I try to fix it

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