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Can anyone give me a clue about which namespace I should use for trig functions. I am doing a great circle calculation.

I am new to the Fez and Framework.



Always search the MSDN and our documentation. We give links to both on the downloads page.

Here is what you need

Also see this very long thread about this topic


I was astonished at the lack of useful trig functions contained in the math namespace. I thought I must be missing something, that is why i posted my question. Not very useful for robotic navigation calculations.

The FEZ Domino is a great chip, but would be magnificent with more useful math funcitons.


This is already on the “to do” list :wink:


Please let me know, if I can help. This will be a wonderful device for robotics with that addition!!!



We have added some very nice math functions to FEZ


Wow!! This make the FEZ ideal for my autonomous boat application. Thanks for the very fast response!!!