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Synth / Sound Chips? Or other ideas?


I already posted this on another thread about HQ Audio for the Panda. But I was wondering on actually getting some nice sound-dsp-chips for my future Panda project.

I took a look at SpeakJet, but is a bit expensive and doesn’t do what I want.

So I wonder, maybe some cheap chips that I could easily program to create waveforms and envelopes?

What are the alternatives?

I need 44.1khz output, at least, otherwise it won’t sound good.

I was also looking at the XMOS chip, which is pretty fast and its 32 bits. (400 Mhz) But the kits for it are a bit expensive.

Another idea would be the Propeller chip, I guess?



I have looked into the before and propeller is what you need. It does a lot more than audio synthesis too.


Yup, seems to be. Now I need an online store like SparkFun to order Propeller chips. (PayPal required)



I was looking at the Propeller Backpack, which is pretty neat. Not sure what could be done with it in terms of programming, and how hard it would be…

But I will keep looking. :wink:

To be honest, wouldn’t be cheaper just to use another Panda board for sounds? And if the project works, just make a custom 2 chip board? Just wondering about this. I just don’t know how NETMF would handle sound creation. Maybe assembly would do the trick there? (Yes, I know how to program in ASM, but don’t know where to start for the Panda chip) :wink:



Another related question. If I wanted to play multiple sounds at the same time, reading from a SD card, would Panda cope with the data-bus? Or maybe add more SRAM to it? Just wondering about this too.

It would be cool to add some drum-sounds to my midi project. But I don’t know if that would work out. :wink:

Mainly I will stick to MIDI and Computer-Remote-Control. In any event I want to at least add a Metronome sound to the thing, so its only 1 channel, and could be done via MIDI or onboard PW Audio. (8 bit sampled)



Panda is not suited for that. This is like you want to play audio on your PC without sound card! It will very extremely difficult.

FEZ Can read about 200000 bytes/second from SD card. I doubt you will find this slow for your project.


Actually no, not audio from the PC without a sound-card. I want a standalone mini-sampler/rompler. :wink: But I’m dreaming, I know. Just tell me I can’t do it, and I will somehow manage to do it, or just fail… :smiley: :wink:

200,000 bytes/second is not bad, it could work with compressed files them. A perfect audio is 44,000 hz, but I would still need a CODEC.

What’s the specs on the Panda Audio Output? Is it just PWM or something else? (haven’t looked yet, sorry, too busy with other things…) :-[



You said midi not raw PCM audio.

Once you get busy playing with FEZ you will understand how all fits together.


Thanks, my card should be here in a week or two. :wall: After that, I will be working on things and just day-dreaming a bit. I hope I don’t bother you guys too much… :whistle: :-[